Research and development

R&D Dept. of Sichuan JingYu Chemical Co., Ltd. consists of powerful research team of PhD and Master chemists. Most of them have decades of experience in organic chemical research and development. Our experts are ready to discuss with you for your specific requirement in details, whether the requirement is for a process or a new chemical entity, or a more efficient route to an existing molecule, they will try every way they could to give you the intelligent solutions. The experts and the chemists in our R&D ensure the consistent innovation in this ever-changing pharmaceutical market.

Thanks to our modern well-equipped laboratory (gram to kilo), pilot plant (1kg to 20kg) and manufacturing facilities(20kg to tons), which enable us to produce high-quality products at various scales from gram to ton for the customers. Our strict Quality Control Graph and reliable testing instruments provide reliable guarantees to our customers from the early phases of pharmaceutical discovery and clinical development through approval, market launch and commercialization.

We can do chemical reactions include:

Acetylation Coupling
Reduction Cyclization
Condensation Cyanidation
Phosgenation Alkylation
Friedel-Crafts Decarboxylation
Halogenation Amidation
Dehydration Hydrogenation
Ammonolysis Dehydrogenation
Nitration Bromination
Nitrosation Chlorination
Diazotization Elimination
Oxidation Esterification